What is Sportmarket Pro?

Sportmarket Pro is a service that automatically places your bet with the bookmaker that offers the best odds.
Odds are updated in real time and odds changes are often displayed quicker than on the bookmakers own sites giving our users a significant advantage.

Is there a cost for using Sportmarket Pro?

The service is FREE of charge.

Which bookmakers can I bet with through Sportmarket Pro?

  • Betfair*
  • Betdaq
  • Matchbook
  • Pinnacle
  • ISN
  • SBO
  • 3et
  • Penta88
  • 18bet
  • JAbet
  • RedZone*
  • Singbet**
  • Brokerage services**

* - Due to the Bookmaker’s regulations, we are not in position to offer betting with select bookmakers through Sportmarket Pro for the customers from the certain countries.

** - Singbet and Brokerage services are optional bookmakers and are never activated by default. If you are interested to add them to your betting portfolio, please get in touch with us.

Which sports can I bet with through Sportmarket Pro?

  • Soccer
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Rugby Union
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • American Football
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • MMA
  • eSports

How do I get started with Sportmarket Pro?

In order to get access to Sportmarket Pro you first need to register a main account here at Sportmarket. After making the initial deposit, you can either contact us or create the PRO account on your own by clicking on the “Create PRO Account” in the header menu. Please be note that you will use your main Sportmarket account for deposits/withdrawals and managing your personal information, while you will be using Sportmarket Pro for placing bets.

When you wish to transfer funds between Sportmarket main account and Sportmarket Pro you can do it from My Account at Sportmarket.

We strongly recommend you to visit our "Get Started" page!

What currencies can I have my account in?

When opening an account, the default currency and the currency you are able to send/receive funds and place bets in, will be EUR.

Do you charge any fees for currency exchange?

We always process payments in EUR, as this is default currency on our website. However, it might happen that there will be applied currency exchange fees by your bank or eWallet provider in case your accounts (bank/eWallet) are held in different currencies.

What deposit and withdrawal methods do you offer?

We have a bank account in EUR currency and we exclusively accept SEPA transfers for deposit and withdrawals. We also offer deposits and withdrawals with MuchBetter, Credit/Debit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz and BTC. More information about deposits and withdrawals can be found here.

Can I place bets with Sportmarket Pro from my mobile?

The web version of Sportmarket Pro is not optimized for mobile devices. Instead we have developed an web application fully customized for mobile devices. We recommend that you add a shortcut to your home screen for easy access in the future.


Who accepts the bets?

All bets are placed with the bookmakers that we have teamed up with and it is up to them to accept or reject the bets according to their own rules and policies. Sportmarket is not a counterpart for any bet or part of a bet and undertakes no responsibility towards clients for bets placed with a bookmaker.

What is the minimum amount per bet?

The minimum amount you are allowed to request when using Sportmarket Pro is EUR 10, even though sometimes only a smaller amount gets matched.

What is the maximum amount per bet?

The maximum amount that each bookmaker will accept, at the odds displayed, is shown on the odds slip. When using Sportmarket Pro you can bet with several bookmakers simultaneously if you wish a higher limit and are willing to accept slightly lower odds for part of the bet. If you choose lower odds you will see on the odds slip how much you can bet in total at that minimum odds.

What are the rules for my bet?

All bets are subject to the rules of the bookmaker that accepted the bet. Please note that the rules may vary between the bookmakers meaning a bet may be voided with one bookmaker but stand with another. Should you wish not to use a certain bookmaker you have the option to disable that bookmaker from your account or from the odds slip.

More information and links to different bookmakers’ rules can be found here: Sportmarket Betting Rules.

How are live bets on soccer accepted?

Our bookmakers are using a system called “Danger Zone” that is explained more in detail here. In this case the odds are locked and the bet will be accepted at those odds if accepted. If the bet is placed with a bet-exchange there is instead a time delay before the bet is accepted. If, during that time, there is a goal, penalty, red card or the odds are no longer available the bet will be rejected. If there are higher odds after the delay the bet or part of the bet will be accepted at those odds.

The bet-exchanges (Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook) instead uses a system where live bets get accepted after a certain delay in time given that there is no goal scored, penalty awarded or red card given before the time expires. With the exchanges you can normally cancel your order as long as it is not accepted.

Can I see bets placed through Sportmarket Pro in my Sportmarket account?

No, Sportmarket Pro can be looked at as a separate system. You can see all the bets you have placed through Sportmarket Pro from the section called “My orders”.

How do I place a bet?

In order to place a bet you will find the match and bet you are looking for on the trade page and click on the odds. A new mini-window (the “odds slip”) will open from where you can see the odds and bet limits with all the bookmakers. From here you will also be able to see odds on the same outcome with different handicaps if order by the bookmakers, just click on the box with the alternative handicap.

Bets are placed by entering an amount and an odds in the boxes and clicking on “Place”. Odds can be chosen by writing in the box or by clicking on the odds. It is also possible to set a default stake in case you want an even faster bet process.

When placing bets Sportmarket Pro will try to bet at the highest available odds. If the requested bet is higher than what can be placed at best odds the system simultaneously places bets on second best odds and so on if it is within the minimum odds chosen.

From here you will also be able to see odds for different handicaps if offered by the bookmakers, just click on the box with the alternative handicap on the left and right hand side of the bet-slip.

Can I request a higher odds than what is available and get my bet placed if that odds becomes available?

Yes, you can enter a higher odds on the betslip and also choose a longer placing time than the default 15 seconds. If the odds becomes available before the order expires your bet will be placed. You can read more about this Future Fulfilment feature here.

Can I place multiples?

When using our services, you can place both single bets and accumulators!

Why are bets placed with uneven amounts?

Sportmarket Pro is available in EUR, but the bookmaker accounts can be in other currencies. The small differences with decimals in bet amounts are often due to the currency conversions taking place and the fact that the “base-currency” in our system is in GBP.

My bet was not placed, why?

The bet may not be placed/accepted for some various reasons. Maybe the odds requested is no longer available. If your live bet is pending it may be rejected because something happened in the match. Another reason for bets not getting placed is that the account the system chose was out of funds. While we try to balance accounts as much as we can it is inevitable that some accounts will be “bust” occasionally. When this happens you can try to close the odds slip and open it again and usually the system will use another account so that the bet can be placed.

You should also be aware that sometimes, especially if you are only willing to accept the best odds, only part of the bet will be accepted. Always check your bets carefully during the bet placement process.

Why do the odds on the trade page sometime differ from the odds available to bet on?

The odds on the trade page are the top odds collected from many bookmakers, even some that we are not able to offer. We only deal with the best bookmakers, the ones that accept large bets and don’t limit winning players. Also, the odds on the trade page are not updated as quickly as on the odds slip. Please note that odds from Betfair are not included on the trade page due to the very frequent odds changes. If you are interested in a specific odds we recommend that you always open the odds slip for that particular bet.

I can't see a match that just started in the live section of the trade page?

Sometimes you will need to refresh the trade page in order for all live matches to show. Some matches may not be shown by default so you will need to mark the league from the list of leagues to the left.

Sometimes bookies occur double on the odds slip with the text (Equiv) under some of them, why is that?

When you request a bet on for example “-0,5” that is the same bet as a “Home Win” when betting 1x2. In this case the odds for “Home Win” would then be the Equivalent Bet (“Same Bet”). Often this odds is lower than the odds at “-0,5” but by using Equivalent Bets you may be able to stake more at a better average odds then if it was not shown.

Why do the numbers shown under Yesterday P/L and Today P/L sometimes look incorrect?

When the software reconciles the won/lost amounts with the bookmakers it uses the local time for the bet settlement. As the bookmakers are located in many different time zones the P/L data may be sorted on different dates. This does not affect your overall balance that should be accurate at all times. You can follow the account movements by hovering your username and going to the “Accounting” section.

Why am I charged commission for bets with bookmakers/exchanges?

When placing bets through Sportmarket Pro you will be able to see the various odds offered by the bookmakers when opening a bet slip (by clicking an odds on the trade page). The odds shown on the bet slip are always the net odds you will receive so that the odds offered by the bookmakers and bet-exchanges are comparable with each other.

If your bet is placed with some of our partners we will charge you a commission on winning bets based on the won amount. The reason for charging commission is that that our partners are either bet-exchanges (always charging commission) or because they are bookmakers where we do not receive our normal agent commission or it is very low.

In order to handle the commission and always pay you the winning according to the odds shown on the bet slip you will receive a higher odds then the one presented on the bet slip after having placed the bet. In practice, this means that you will be credited with more winnings when the bet is settled compared to the odds shown on the bet slip but then the commission is charged right after the bet settlement.

Commission is charged right after the bet settlement and can be seen under the "Accounting" section in more detail.

The percentages charged in commission is charged according to the table below. No commission is charged for bets placed with PIN, SBO, ISN, 18bet and SING.

Bookmaker Commission
JABET** 1%
3ET** 0.5%
ISN** 0.25%
Penta88** 0.25%
SBO 0%
18BET 0%

* Please note that if you bet directly with Matchbook you will be charged commission on both winning and losing bets. When betting through Sportmarket Pro you will only be charged commission on winning bets.

** RedZone, JAbet, 3ET, ISN and Penta88 commission is calculated on total turnover.

More information and examples can be found on our Commissions page.