Allow Putting Offers Up On Exchanges

This is a setting that you can enable/disable from the Settings menu. By default, it will be enabled.

If you have this setting enabled and request a bet at an odds that is not available, the system will put up a corresponding offer on Betdaq or Betfair*. By doing this other punters will be able to see the offer and get a chance to match your request.

When placing bets through Sportmarket Pro the commission paid on winning bets with Betdaq is set at 1,2% and for Betfair the commission is set at 2,3%. Therefore, we will put up offers on Betdaq in first place and use Betfair as a back-up used only if Betdaq does not offer the market.

Once an offer is posted it will become visible for all users at the Exchange and at the same time be shown to all Sportmarket Pro users.

If the requested odds become available with another bookmaker the full amount posted on the Exchange will be withdrawn and the system will place the bet with the bookmaker. In this case it will not post the offer again on the Exchange even if the full volume is not filled.

It can be noted that due to the rounding off you may be getting slightly better odds than requested, but never worse. Should you on the other hand be willing to take slightly lower odds with some thousandths it may raise the offered odds by 1-2 hundredths, making it more likely to be matched. You can enter several decimals when requesting an odds.

* - If you are a resident in a jurisdiction that Betfair has excluded you will not get any offers posted on Betfair.

Recommendation on how to use the feature

Posting an offer on an Exchange at an odds that is not near the market and for a longer time is usually not a good idea. Most likely you will not get the bet matched unless there have been substantial movements in the market due to new information or heavy betting on the “other side”.

Instead we recommend that you post offers on Exchanges only for a shorter time (like 1-5 minutes) to try to get slightly higher odds on bets you would like to make anyway. You can choose the placement time on the betslip.

Basically, every time you place a bet with a bookmaker you are laying the best odds in “the world” on the other side so anyone interested in the other side will get better odds from you than from the bookmakers. Naturally, the commission charged by Exchanges will sometimes prevent the bet to get matched but as we only pay 1,2% in commission on Betdaq odds can still get very attractive. If you do not get the higher odds in that time you may want to take the odds that is available instead, but trying to get an odds that is 1-2 hundredths better first may prove very profitable over time.

By requesting the slightly higher odds all Sportmarket Pro users will be able to see the offer as well as individuals and bots connected to the Exchanges. For larger games we always have bets on both teams and both over and under so the possibility to get matched against other Sportmarket Pro users is real. We recommend that you post your requests from one hour before the game starts as others are then likely to be interested in the same game.