When placing bets through Sportmarket Pro you will be able to see the various odds offered by the bookmakers when opening a bet slip (by clicking an odds on the trade page). The odds shown on the bet slip are always the net odds you will receive so that the odds offered by the bookmakers and bet-exchanges are comparable with each other letting the system place your bet at the best net odds.

If your bet is placed with some of our partners we will charge you a commission on winning bets based on the won amount. The reason for charging commission is that that our partners are either bet-exchanges (always charging commission) or because they are bookmakers where we do not receive our normal agent commission or it is very low so we need to compensate for that.

In order to handle the commission and ultimately pay you the winning according to the odds shown on the bet slip you will receive a higher odds then the one presented on the bet slip when placing the bet. In practice this means that you are credited more winnings when the bet is settled compared to the odds shown on the bet slip but then the commission is charged the day after.

Commission is charged on a daily basis for all bets affected, normally in the morning the day after the bet was settled. All charges will show on your statement.

Please note that if you bet directly with Matchbook you will be charged commission on both winning and losing bets. When betting through Sportmarket Pro you will only be charged commission on winning bets.

The percentages charged in commission is charged according to the table below. No commission is charged for bets placed with IBC, ISN, PIN, SBO and SING.

Bookmakers Commision


You see the odds 1,977 with Betfair on the bet slip, being the highest odds among all the bookmakers/exchanges, and place a EUR 50 bet. The bet will now be placed and settled at a higher odds (the odds shown on Betfair’s webpage).

As the commission with Betfair is 2,3% this means that the odds you get when the bet is placed in this example (see screenshots below) is 2,00. If the bet wins you will be paid EUR 50 in winnings to your account while you will be charged EUR 1.15 (2,3%) in commission the day after. This means that your net win will be EUR 48.85 reflecting the exact odds you were shown on the bet slip (1,977).

In the Bet-bar and History/Orders you will be shown the higher odds before commission.



History/Orders – the same bet expanded