Mobile Betting: Responsive Website or a Native App?

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Mobile Betting: Responsive Website or a Native App

Nowadays when there are apps for almost everything, mobile betting apps are also getting more and more popular. Mobile betting is in general getting a lot of buzz since it is a straightforward process and it does not take a lot of time to place a bet. Before the birth of Wi-Fi and generations of smart phones, betting was limited to PCs only and later to laptops. Since your access to internet was also limited, you needed to set time aside especially for betting. User experience was back then an unfamiliar term and you had to make do with what was available at that time.

Until the final arrival of the internet golden age, when every website is at the touch of your finger and also mobile optimized. The rise of mobile phones popularity caused people to think about website responsiveness on smaller devices. This also affected the betting sites as well, of course. Let us see which options exist and which would suit your needs the most.

Responsive Website Advantages

Smart phones are definitely enjoying their ever-growing popularity. That is why online businesses need to keep up and follow the trends so that they can stay relevant in the vast number of websites who are turning towards their mobile phone users and cattering to their needs as well.

Smart phones allow us to do a lot of stuff on the go without being bounded to one place only. Betting is also one of them. However, people who are not exceptionally internet-savvy or they are just not interested in many applications and what they are offering, may not exactly be thrilled by your newest app. Visiting the app store, downloading the app, registering from mobile phone - all of that may seem like a big hassle for them. That is why having a responsive website can be the better solution. This website will look great no matter which device you are using to visit it. Your users will not have to pinch their screen and endlessly scroll just to place a single bet or check the results of a football match. Having such a website is a great way to keep all your loyal bettors no matter from where or which device they are accessing your website without wasting their time on downloading apps.

Native App Instead of Website

On the other hand, native apps can also be a great option. If you have the means and interested bettors, a native app can boost the accessibility and simply replace the cluttered, slow-loading website. Some may say that an app is just a faster and plainer looking website, but that is not necessarily the case. The design of the app can (and it should when it comes to the user experience on mobile phones and tablets) look different from the website, but it does not mean that the lack of functions should be a downside. Many bettors just want to quickly open the app, place the bet and close it, without any distractions. Making the app as simple as possible, but with good layout and visuals is the ultimate goal.

Keep in mind that if you decide on the app, that you will also need two different versions of it - for Android and for IOS users.

Apps also offer notifications, which can be a great way of inviting people back to the application and can serve as a click to action button.

However, to push bettors towards downloading the said app will also mean a bit more promotion of the app through social media or paid ads. Doing a research before deciding if building the app is the best option is always a good idea. Hearing what your bettors have to say is of great importance since they are your customers and your website has to suit their needs first and foremost. If it turns out that the need for a mobile app is not present, it would save you some money and time which you can dedicate to improving another part of your business. Do not make a mistake of insisting on something like an app since it can leave a lasting negative effect and turn bettors away from your website.

Final Thoughts

So, which one is better? Responsive betting website or a mobile betting app? Well, in the end it all boils down to preferences and user experience. Having both would be an ideal scenario for everyone. To have the option to choose how to approach online content is a major deal breaker for a lot of internet users. Still, important thing is to have seamless betting experience and to be able to get the odds you want, no matter where you are, and that is the most important thing.