What Does It Mean to Have a Bet Broker with No Limits?

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What Does It Mean to Have a Bet Broker with No Limits?

“Winners welcome”, it says so on our website. Maybe you were wondering what does that precisely mean. Simply put, we are not limiting winning players after their winning streak. Some bet brokers do install various limits, but that is not the case with Sportmarket.

What is exactly this limit and which types of limits there are? How can you avoid them? Find out below.

What is Limit in Betting

Bookmakers, sportsbooks or bet brokers usually set limits for bettors who are winning on a regular basis. Why is that?

First of all, bookies need profit. And if they have a lot of bettors who are constantly winning without losing, that is quite a big problem for them. Therefore, limits exist to reduce the possibility of any serious damages which can happen to bookmakers. Limits represent a maximum amount of money which can be placed as a bet on a single game. This limit is smaller and smaller in case it is meant to restrict a specific player. At the end of the day, bookmakers need to gather profits in order to stay in the business.

They also face potential problematic players who are finding new ways of how to avoid the rules of fair betting and to prevent that, bookmakers are placing limits.

Bookmakers love more bettors who are playing occasionally and only for fun instead of professional bettors who are playing solely to win.

Types of Limits

To prevent losing big amounts of money, bookmakers are setting their own limits. These limits are called general limits and they can be quite high. They usually depend on the popularity of the game. Of course, for Super Bowl and World Cup FIFA matches, the limits are much higher since many bettors are more likely to place their bets for matches of that scope.

Also, the size of the bookmaker is dictating whether they will risk placing higher general limits or not.

If you are a winning sports bettor, also known as a sharp bettor, you can end up with an individual limit. This limit is set for all of the games and matches you will be betting on. The individual limit can sometimes be removed, but it can also be increased.

Be careful with your betting, since bookmakers can ban you for a certain time period and even close your account.

In case you are only playing occasionally and following the rules, this won’t be of much importance to you.

How to Avoid Betting Limits

Betting websites can block the accounts of any bettors if they are not a fan of their betting activities. If they feel like there is suspicious behavior, they will terminate the account. What should you avoid doing in order to keep your account?

1. No Consistent Winning

First of all, consistent winners are usually the type of bettors that are banned or limited. Professional bettors are not risking losing their money, so if you are winning on a regular basis, you can be perceived as a sharp bettor.

2. No Arbing

Also, if the bookmakers feel like there is an ongoing arbing or bonus abuse, this may also lead to limits or banning. Arbing is an activity of placing many bets on different outcomes on a number of betting websites. Therefore, do not place bets consisting of strange sums, such as 1.27. Place round bets to avoid possible limits.

3. Be Careful with Promotions and Bonuses

Professional bettors never take up promotions or bonuses. This can be for a bookmaker a cause for alarm if you are avoiding promotions left and right all the time. But, at the same time, do not bet only when the promotional offers are active. Bookmakers may come to think that you are only taking advantages of promotions without spending enough money which can also harm their business.

4. Just One Account

One more thing which can raise red flags with the bookmakers is having two accounts. Stick to only one account, and in case you do wish to bet more, it is better to open a new account on some other website. Having more than one account can seem suspicious since you can send bonuses and things like that between different accounts.

Bet Broker with No Limits

Now that you are familiar with betting limits, you can understand why having a bookmaker which does not set any kinds of limits is a good idea. We here at Sportmarket are not limiting our players when luck smiles on them and they hit a winning streak. You do not have to worry that we will block your account or even close it. We are expecting of you in exchange to be a fair player once you sign up with us. And, of course, to follow the rules of the game.